Can A Dripping Faucet Really Cause Enough Water Damage To Open An Insurance Claim?

That is a great question! Most people do not know that water dripping from a faucet can amount to a lot of water. If a faucet drips constantly, it can equate to 10-15 gallons of water a day! This much water can cause severe water damage and/or even mold!

Several conditions may cause a leaky faucet. It could be:

-Faulty Seals

-Faulty Valves

-Faulty O-Ring

-Faulty Cartridge

-Faulty Washers

-Water Pressure

Water getting into areas it was not meant for, can be compromising. Hardwood or Laminate flooring, drywall, paneling, woodwork, doors, windows, and more can all be affected by water. If water damage is not fixed within a time, mold can grow.

Having a good plumber handy is vital upon finding water damage. First things first, the cause of the water damage should be fixed. A plumber will be able to find what is causing the water damage and stop it. Water Mitigation may be needed as well, as this involves the removal of water and water saturated material. Sometimes all that is needed after minor water damage is just a simple dry out for wet walls or wet floors. After this, you should call your Public Adjuster to discuss an insurance claim being opened.

Avoid big problems by taking small steps. Water Damage can be a headache but your insurance claim doesn’t have to be.

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