Mold in South Florida is as common as the sunshine. Due to our damp, humid conditions mold may be excessive on your property and cost thousands of dollars to remove and jeopardize the health of your family. Determining the causation of the mold and rectifying the issue is key to stopping any further damage. The longer the mold stays, the more damage will occur, the more the mold will grow. Immediate actions must be taken. Mold can spread throughout the property in as little as 24-72 hours. We suggest keeping family members away from the affected area in order to avoid illness produced by mold in the home. Mold will reveal itself with a musty, wet odor at first, eventually its visual presence will appear. It is best practice to tie mold claim to a water damage claim to effectively recover cost of losses. The mold starts from a water intrusion and that source must be determined in order to start the remediation process.

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