Supply Line Leak is caused when there is a tear, hole, or compromise in the supply line. This can be for the supply line for the refrigerator, freezer, washing machine, etc. Water ends up damaging the floor, baseboard, subfloors, and potentially a lower lower level if one is present.

Faulty Valves can be very damaging. When the shut off valve fails, water builds up and spills to the surrounding floor, causing water damage to the floor and personal property close by. This often happens to toilets, P-Traps, water heaters, etc. Also, the seals or rubber stops within the valve may be compromised as well, causing water damage to occur.

Roof Leaks often happen after a hurricane, tropical storm, or even a heavy rain. If shingles are blown off, lifted, or experience granular loss, it may allow water to enter through the property’s ceiling, and/or walls.

Window Leak if a window seems to have condensation in between the panes, or seems to have wet drywall or plaster around the window, it is very possible that the noted window may be broken or compromised. This can allow water to damage the window itself, the window sill, wall and floor. Depending on the extent of the damage, this can make for a very costly repair.

Plumbing Stack Leaks often consist of hidden damage. If a plumbing stack has a tear in the pipe, or has a compromised seal, this can allow water to pool up on a ceiling or down a wall, and eventually enter the common areas of a property. By the time this happens, often there is already serious water damage.

Shower/Tub Pan Leak often causes water damage to bathrooms. When a shower or tub pan has been compromised, this means the vapor barrier is not working properly. Some of the water that should go down the drain ultimately ends up damaging the surrounding interior materials, such as a vanity, baseboard, door casings, flooring, subfloor, toilet, even the shower/tub itself.

These are just some of the water damage claims that we work with on a regular basis. Give us a call and lets discuss your specific water damage today!