The homeowners in the State of Florida should always be aware during hurricane season there is the potential of finding themselves in the path of a storm. Sunrise Public Adjusters want you to be prepared and understand the events unfolding and how to handle them. Sunrise Public Adjusters is here for you and your family after the hurricane or storm passes. If in fact you are in the path of a hurricane, these categories will help understand and prepare for the events that will unfold.

Cat 1 winds above 74 mph damages could be inclusive of tree branches, roof damages, shingles, gutters and home siding also power outages.

Cat 2 winds above 96 mph major roof damages and siding damages.

Cat 3 winds above 111mph well-built frame homes may sustain major damage removal of roof decking and gable ends.

Cat 4 winds are over 131mph roof structure damage possible interior wall destruction, landscape devastation.

Cat 5 winds above 155 mph, total roof failure, wall collapse, infrastructure devastated.

Sunrise Public Adjusters hopes you never find yourself in the path of a storm, but if you do, we want you to stay safe and be prepared. After the storm passes we want to help you get your home and possessions back to pre-storm condition.Filing claims with your insurance company can be rather intensive and hard to understand. Your insurance company may try to cut corners and not give you the settlement you deserve. That’s where Sunrise Public Adjusters will step in and make sure you are fairly taken care of. We will inspect your property, help you file claims and get you the maximum settlement.

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