1. What is a Walkthrough?

A walkthrough is an initial inspection completed by a Public Adjuster to inspect property damage and to see if and how they may assist with a Property Damage Claim.

2. Why is it required?

At a walkthrough, a Public Adjuster reviews the property damage and the insured’s policy to review coverage. Ultimately, the insurance company will likely ask for an inspection to complete their walkthrough for an estimate. However our Estimate is based on a Sunrise Public Adjusters Walkthrough, not the Insurance Field Adjuster.

3. Why are measurements being taken?

When creating an estimate for an insured’s property damage, accuracy is your best friend. When you can eliminate room for pricing discrepancies, it moves the claim process faster. Measurements are required to validate settlement money allocated to labor and materials based on the floorplan of the loss location. Things like Paint, drywall, flooring, etc.

4. Why are photos being taken of the Property Damage?

Similar to measurements, photos are required to show support for a repair or replacement. While an inspection is often completed, photo support is still required from the Insurance company to support a water damage, windstorm (hurricane, tropical storm or heavy rain storm) or fire loss.

5. How long does it take for your Estimate to be created?

Every Public Adjusting firm is different, however Sunrise Public Adjusters has a two week max turnaround time; however, we are happy to expedite any property damage estimate request!

6. How long will this process take?

Once a Proof of Loss is provided to an insurance company, they have up to 90 days to provide a determination. However there are several factors that can delay this process. Things like document requests, inspection delays, scheduling, etc. However if all document and photo support is provided, and the insured had full cooperation with the insurance company, most likely the claim would have a final determination within 90 days.

7. How much does it cost to have a Walkthrough, and hire a Sunrise Public Adjuster?

Absolutely nothing! There are NO OUT OF POCKET COSTS to have a Public Adjuster do a Walkthrough. A Public Adjuster only gets paid when the insured gets paid. Not a moment earlier.

8. What type of Property Damage Claims does Sunrise Public Adjusters assist with?

All of them! If there is a Property Damage loss, we are happy to advise on the claim process and guide you through. Fire damage, water damage, sudden leaks, overflows, Roof leaks, personal property damage, and so much more. We have completed 1000’s of claims and would be happy to assist. We are here to make you whole again!