Flash flooding is a frightening event that can happen anytime heavy rains move into an area. Flash floods are not only caused by rain, it could be from a tropical storm or hurricane. Low lying areas are prone to flash floods.

Mitigation needs to begin immediately, removal and dry out is imperative to reducing further damages. Air circulation for all affected areas needs to occur, removing baseboards and all fixtures in the area, in order to avoid mold or further damage.

All of South Florida gets hits with potential flash flood conditions. Sunrise Public Adjusters can be a dry spot in the storm. We are local to South Florida and understand the areas’ demographics, weather and building codes. It can be completely overwhelming dealing with restoration companies, insurance companies and personal loss, this is where Sunrise Public adjusters will come in to take you through the process and make sure that compensated 

 Our adjusters are top notch when it comes to inspecting damages and writing the best claim for your losses.