If Hurricane Zeta is approaching your general vicinity, Zeta is a storm that should be taken seriously. Zeta’s path and strength may with every update so you must be informed. The Florida Panhandle seems to be in the eye of the storms this year. So you must have a plan. Preparedness is the key to protecting you home and family. First and foremost pay attention to all weather updates provided by authorities. Make sure your property is secured, anything that is not tied down or removed is a potential projectile. The category of the hurricane will help you determine the amount of preparedness to take. Make sure all insurance and valuable documentation is kept in water tight containers and put in a safe location. Secure the exterior of your home, if shuttering is suggested follow the advice of local officials to make your home secure. Hurricane Zeta is a few days out now is the time to prepare your family and property. If Hurricane Zeta makes his way to your area Sunrise Public Adjusters, wants you to be safe and secure in your home and after the storm clears, we will be there for you if there is any damage to your property. Sunrise Public Adjusters is the light you need after the storm to help you file claims for any damages quickly and efficiently.