King Tides are an inevitable event in Florida. Due to the gravitational pull of the Moon, the Sun and the rotation of the earth, the highest tides happen every 14 days. This with rising sea levels can cause headaches for homeowners in low-lying South Florida areas.

King Tides are considered flash flooding, a claim may be filed to recover damages. Remember King Tides water is composed of salt water which is very damaging to all that it engulfs. Coastal cities or homes that sit near bodies of water are at risk from King Tides damages.

Sunrise Public Adjusters is local to the South Florida area and is very familiar with the damages caused by King Tides, we can come in and review your damages and documentation. We will file a claim on your behalf. We will make sure that your claim is filed correctly and you receive the maximum settlement amount for your damages. Sunrise Public Adjusters receives no payment unless you receive a settlement.