After Hurricane Zeta passes through your area and the all clear has been given it is important to get an understanding of what has occurred or been damaged. First make sure your family is safe and accounted for. Bring your phone or camera to document any and all damages you discover, downed fences, roof damages, structural damage even the smallest of damages should be documented for claims. Try to make an inventoried list as a reference point for photos. Take steps to reduce any further damage by opening windows to get air flow to dry out any contents of your home that has gotten water damaged. Again making sure that the item has been photographed and documented. Videos will be an asset when talking to Sunrise Public Adjusters. If there is roof damages, see if tarps are available for you to use to cover any compromised areas. Windows if damaged can be boarded up, to prevent further damage as well. Sunrise Public Adjusters are in your area now, they will be your beacon of light if Hurricane Zeta happens to move through your area. They will give you a piece of mind and help you understand your damages and help you navigate through alot of paperwork and insurance terms. Sunrise Public Adjusters only get paid if you do, you need someone to help you stand up to insurance agencies to make sure that you and your home are treated fairly.