When a covered loss has occurred, there are a few things you should have on hand before calling your insurance company. Here is a list of peices of information that should be kept readily avaiable and accessable should a situation arise : Description of Damage , Address, Date of Loss, Policy Number, Type of Property Damage, Pictures of Damage, List of all property contents, etc.
Once you inform the Insurance Company you are filing a Property claim, and provide them with the noted information, after a timeframe of roughly 2 days to a week, they will then assign you an associate, who will do the few things: Collect Information about damage to your property, Explain your Policy Allowances, coverage, and deductible, Schedule an inspection by an Insurance Adjuster* to look at damage to property if deemed necessary, & Review Damage, and write an Estimate for cost of repair
*Insurance Adjusters work on the Insurance Companies behalf.*
After you have discussed damages to your property with your assigned Insurance Associate, and you have come to an agreement with your settlement amount, your Insurance Company Issues payment under the terms of your policy. Minus your applicable deductible. An easy way for you to bypass dealing with your insurance company after a loss, is by working with a Public Adjuster. When you hire a Public Adjuster, we come to your house to write an estimate, which we provide to the Insurance Associate, and discuss the claim to see if they will submit payment or deny the claim. They not only file the claim for you, they negotiate with the Insurance Company, and ensuring you get the maximum settlement possible. As well as completing all paperwork, following up to assure there are no delays once a claim has been filed. A Public Adjuster is a great tool to use when filing a claim. For more information on how to file a claim, check out Sunriseclaim.com.
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